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Coaching & Mentoring Packages


For those who want to engage in personal intensive mindset work can work on an individual basis with me. My mentoring packages encompass not only psychological & coaching techniques but mentoring based on my own life experiences.


I teach people how to become calm, confident and in control by working with you to facilitate psychological wellbeing and put you on the pathway to where you personally want to go. I do this by working through a holistic process which includes evidence-based techniques and strategies I know will make an enormous difference to your mindset, overall wellbeing and success.

It can take courage to change but if you are prepared to find new ways of responding to old situations and redirecting your life by taking on board what we discuss in our sessions, then our work together will be life changing. I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients over the years and watching their stories unfold has made me love my job even more!


You can expect that I will provide an open and accepting space to explore your challenges and develop workable solutions, hold you accountable for the goals you set yourself, and collect feedback from you during every session. I'm sure you will enjoy working with me and my down-to-earth approach to life and all it's challenges (and successes of course!).


INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE OPTIONS  (available via SKYPE/ZOOM or Perth location)


  1. BASIC Coaching Package (6 sessions) 

  2. PREMIUM Mentoring Package (12 sessions) 


Please EMAIL ME  for more information about package costs or for a free 20-minute strategy session.

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