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Noticed that you're dragging yourself to work lately? Feeling cynical all the time? Exhausted throughout the day? Productivity reduced? Ready to quit? Passion you once had all but disappeared?

You might be suffering from burnout.

Written by psychologist and life coach Dr Marny Lishman, Burnout to Brilliant will give you the knowledge, mindset and motivation to create a satisfying, fulfilling and successful life post-burnout.

From understanding your values to learning how to communicate boundaries, this easy-to-read guide will give you greater self-awareness about your mental health, strengthen your ability to manage your stress levels, assist you in designing a healthier personal and professional foundation from which to operate and reignite a passion for your career. 

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Marny has worked with thousands of people as a psychologist, and knows a little about how people think, feel and behave. So much so that she notices time and time again the main areas where people get stuck and what little things they could start doing from now to get unstuck.


This book is part personal, part musings and part how-to. Whatever page the reader turns to will give them a tool to action, but even more importantly, the knowledge that they’re certainly not alone.   We are all a beautiful mess, and the first step is us owning it.

$29.99 inc. postage ** out of print at present **

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