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If you're looking for a speaker to inspire or educate a group or workplace team, then I present on a wide range of topics. I have presented to thousands of individuals over the last 15 years on topics that promote growth and change by helping people become the best they can be. From Keynote Presentations, Lunch & Learns, through to the longer and practical Thriving Professional, HEAL & Manage Your Mind Packages I am sure there is something to suit you or your audience.  To download more information on corporate presentation options please go to Corporate Presentations & Packages.


FLOW: ‘Psychological Flexibility’ In The Workplace

 There  are definite advantages to being conscientious and able to follow a certain schedule, and especially to show up when you’re expected. However, as irritating as imposed changes can be to our schedule and life, do you ever wonder if you’d get less worked up if you just let life "happen"?

Researchers suggest there are benefits for us to just go more with the flow. Psychological flexibility can allow people to better cope when situations don't go according to plan. And TBH right now, most things aren’t going to plan for most people across the country. Going with the flow does not come naturally to many, but research suggests that psychological flexibility can be a tool to promote positive change, and we can certainly learn how to be more flexible and apply it to our personal and professional life during pandemic times.

This presentation is available as a 1 hour seminar or half day workshop, where Marny will teach workplace teams how to develop the 'Psychological Flexibility' needed to perform at their best in the current climate. Available in person or online.


Presentation Topics

THRIVE: Nurturing the Person Behind the Professional

As the saying goes “…you can’t pour from an empty cup” and never does this seem more true than when we’re feeling stressed. Many professionals are wired for achieving, and self-care often takes a back seat. This presentation gives participants the knowledge and the mindset to work towards creating a satisfying and fulfilling life, even when working under stress. Marny presents the 7 key areas that busy professionals need to be aware of to facilitate wellbeing, both personally and professionally.



PLAY: Humour in The Workplace

Play has been shown to increase happiness, momentarily as well as over time, when we build more of it into our busy schedules. Play has also been shown to improve relationships, aiding in connection with the people in our lives. What is adult PLAY about, and how can we do more of it as adults? Marny will talk about the evidence behind play, and participants will engage in activities to get their creative brain working, to get a taste of how play can improve performance.


ADAPT: Why Mindset Matters in the Changing Workplace

Is your organisation experiencing change, going through stressful times, or are staff not operating to their fullest potential? This seminar gives teams a suite of evidence-based tools & techniques to manage their mind so that they can function at their best, despite what is happening around them. Marny covers the most useful cognitive techniques that she gives her own individual clients that helps them manage their mind so that they feel calmer and more focused, both at work and in their personal lives whilst going through adversity.



SLEEP: Sleeping Your Way to Success

Before the invention of the electric light most people were getting 10 hours of sleep a night. Us adults now get roughly about 6 hours a night, if we are lucky. Obviously, we can survive on this lesser amount of sleep, but it comes at a cost. With our modern sleeping behaviours, we are pushing it way past what our bodies have evolved to do, and subsequently we feel the harsh consequences. In this seminar, Marny will discuss the neuroscience behind sleep, and what behaviours are crucial for people to be implementing to not only get a regenerating sleep, but in order to perform at their best in waking hours.  


PRESENCE: Quieting the Mind

Instead of being physically in the moment but mentally in the past or future, learning to be present can not only optimise our brain functioning, but help us self soothe in times of stress. Learning how to be in the present moment is a must when we are prioritising self-care. From meditation to visualisation, from mindfulness to diaphragmatic breathing, Marny will teaches the evidence behind these life-changing techniques so your team can operate at their psychological and physical best, but manage their own mental health & wellbeing in times of stress & change.


GRIT: The Secret to Success

What do passion, perseverance, effort and stamina have in common? They’re the key ingredients of what makes someone successful. In the modern corporate world, it takes more than intelligence or talent to get where you want to go, and there’s increasing research that’s demonstrating there’s more to success than brains. Through evidence-based research and narrative from the world of athletes, Marny and Greg Hire (former Perth Wildcats Vice Captain and 2018 Western Australian of the Year) present this seminar together to build the grit in your audience.

RE-ENERGISE: Energy management in your people

In the modern working environments, people are stressed. To effectively reenergize their workforces, organizations need to shift their emphasis from getting more out of people to investing more in them, so they are motivated—and able—to bring more of themselves to work every day. To recharge themselves, individuals need to recognize the costs of energy-depleting behaviours and then take responsibility for changing them, regardless of the circumstances they’re facing. In this seminar Marny works with participants to take control of their own energy by adopting a series of evidence-based rituals that can be used to re-energise their professional and their personal lives.


**** Marny can also write presentations to meet the needs or current issues of your audience.

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The Thriving Professional (6-Month Training Program for Groups & Individuals)



This training package is an extension of The Thriving Professional Presentation, where Marny can provide training on the different 7 Key Areas as well as provide follow up individual coaching sessions for participants after the training has been completed. Individual coaching plans are then tailored for each participant as well as follow up sessions being provided. This package is particularly useful for organisations who feel their staff need extra support as well as a blueprint that can be incorporated into both their personal and professional life after the completion of the training. Marny will work closely with the organisation to not only provide the prevention workshops, but the ongoing follow up with each staff member following the training

Presentation Collaborations 


What do passion, perseverance, effort and stamina have in common? They’re the key ingredients of what makes someone successful. It takes more than intelligence or talent to get where you want to go, and there is increasing research that is demonstrating that there’s more to success than brains. Marny and Greg Hire (former Perth Wildcats Vice Captain and 2018 Western Australian of the Year) will present this seminar together to facilitate the grit in your audience.


When you clarify the value you bring at work, define your personal brand and learn how to communicate with authority, you will project confidence and stand out as a leader in your field. In this workshop participants will learn the importance of personal leadership, break down barriers to their achievement, learn to foster internal confidence, define what sets them apart at work, learn to communicate their value and elevate their professional image as well as discover tools for communicating with confidence and authority.

A Stitch In Time Schools Workshops (with former Perth Wildcats Greg Hire & Brad Robbins)

For those who are interested in having mental health & wellbeing workshops presented to schools & sporting clubs, Marny also works with A Stitch In Time alongside former Perth Wildcats Greg Hire & Brad Robbins to teach children & teens the tools & techniques to manage their mental health. From managing anger, meditation & mindfulness through to developing empathy their are range of kid & teen friendly workshops over at A Stitch In Time.