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If you're looking for a speaker to inspire or educate a group or workplace team, then I present on a wide range of topics. I have presented to thousands of individuals over the last 15 years on topics that promote growth and change by helping people become the best they can be. From Keynote Presentations, Lunch & Learns, through to longer and practical workshops, I'm sure there is something to suit your audience.  My learning and development experiences can also be designed to the needs of your specific audience or industry. I'm available for local, national & international presentations in-person and virtual.

Presentation Topics

THRIVE: Mental Health, Mindset and Doing What Matters

According to The World Economic Forum in its Future of Jobs Report, the top most important skills that employers are now seeking include complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. For these skills to be operationalised in the real world, mental health and wellbeing needs to be a priority. When individuals are stressed, anxious and feeling low, it’s difficult to be innovative, think differently, solve problems, understand others and be excited about engaging in opportunities for the future. Fortunately, making a shift early in one’s self-leadership journey - of shifting mindset to one of nurturing the person behind the professional - can lay a healthier physical and psychological foundation in which to lead our life from. Many ambitious people are wired for achieving, conditioned to keep busy and work under the constant pressure to succeed, with self-care often taking a back seat. Unfortunately, this way of operating is not sustainable, ultimately impacting our mental health and performance. Maintaining our ambitious drives, actualising our personal and professional plans, whilst also staying mindful of our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs is an art. This workshop gives participants the knowledge and the mindset to work towards creating a satisfying and fulfilling life, personally and professionally. It helps people develop a foundation of mental fitness, foster the courage to follow their dreams, sustain their ambition, keep their eyes on their goals, align with their values, anticipate roadblocks, embrace authenticity and be psychologically adaptable in this complex, ever-changing modern world we live in. Marny will outline the crucial key areas that ambitious individuals need to be aware of and be proactive in to manage their own wellbeing, so they can present their best self in their personal and professional life, and ultimately reach their potential.

FOCUS: How to Become Indistractable

If you’ve ever settled in to get a hard days work done, confident that the 8 hours will be productive … and ended up doing anything but, you’re not alone. With all good intentions to stay on task, we end up distracted and finding ourselves caught up in something entirely different with our attention pulled in all directions other than were we intended it to go. It might be scrolling through instagram when we should be working on a project, it might be checking emails every five minutes, constantly checking news feeds or even picking up our mobile every time a notification grabs our attention. If you’re a typical working individual, you’ll be distracted every 11 minutes; and, it will take you 25 minutes to settle down again to your task. Distractions have a huge cost on our focus and productivity. If you want to improve or increase your focus, you need to learn to deal with the distractions in your life. This presentation gives audiences the powers of indistractability so they can be more productive in the workplace.


FLOW: The Art of Psychological Flexibility

FLEXIBILITY:  With ongoing disruptions to our schedules, plans and life in general, do you ever wonder if you’d get less worked up or stressed out if you were less annoyed about change, stopped blaming others for making you change, became less resistant and just let life "happen"? Psychological flexibility refers to a person’s ability to stay in the present moment and accept difficult thoughts, feelings and sensations as well as process & work through each of them. It involves being able to take a broader, more holistic view of the situation and adjust our life accordingly. And most of all, it helps people keep living according to their deeply held values and proactively design their life with the learnings from their personal growth experiences. Going with the flow does not come naturally to many, but it’s a useful trait for all of us to develop to help maintain good mental health wellbeing particularly in this time of continuous adapting. In fact, many experts argue that psychological flexibility is the ‘super skill’ of resilience and mental health, and this seminar covers exactly what it is, and what steps an individual needs to take to become more flexible to change.


PLAY: Benefits of Adult Play & Humour in the


Babies laugh, on average, 400 times a day; people over 35,

only 15. Adults tend to be the fun police, but laughter has

increasingly been shown to be exactly what the doctor

ordered. From reducing stress, boredom, tension, and anxiety

to increasing wellbeing, creativity & productivity, laughter is

being seen to be the perfect antidote to the serious and often

sombre adult world we live in. Play has been shown to

increase happiness, momentarily as well as over time, when

we build more of it into our busy schedules. Play has also been

shown to improve relationships, aiding in connection with the

people in our lives. What is adult PLAY about, and how can we

do more of it as adults? This seminar talks through the

evidence behind play & humour and participants will engage

in activities to get their creative brain working and get a taste

of how play & laughter can improve performance.


ADAPT: Why Mindset Matters in the Changing Workplace

Unless change is our idea, we don’t tend to like it. In fact, if change is

imposed on us, either too quickly or if we can’t predict the benefit, it’s

likely that we will resist it. But in a world that is unpredictable, fast-paced and ever-changing, being adaptable is a crucial human trait to have. Is your organisation experiencing change, going through stressful times, or are staff not operating to their fullest potential? This seminar gives participants a suite of evidence-based tools & techniques to manage their mind so they can adapt to change and still perform at their best despite the regular organisational pivots. Marny covers the most useful cognitive techniques that she gives her own individual clients that helps them manage their mind so that they feel calmer and more focused, both at work and in their personal lives whilst going through adversity.


THE SLEEP SOLUTION: Sleeping For High Performance

Before the invention of the electric light most people were getting 10 hours of sleep a night. Us adults now get roughly about 6 hours a night, if we are lucky. Obviously, we can survive on this lesser amount of sleep, but it comes at a cost. With our modern sleeping behaviours, we are pushing it way past what our bodies have evolved to do, and subsequently we feel the harsh consequences. Sleeping is for relaxing, recharging, rejuvenating and resetting; and there are few special tools that adults need to know to actualise a good and healthy sleep. In this seminar, Marny will discuss the neuroscience behind sleep, and what behaviours are crucial for people to incorporate into their daily rituals to not only get a regenerating sleep, but one that boosts their performance in their waking hours.  

MANAGE YOUR MIND: Re-Wire Your Thinking Style 

Being mentally healthy is more than just not being depressed or anxious. It means being able to manage your mind in moments where it tends to become unhelpful rather than helpful. It might be worrying too much about the future or thinking too much about the past or even constantly overreacting to certain situations in the moment. Thinking like this is unhelpful, distressing, exhausting and pulls us away from optimal functioning in all areas of our life. Being mentally healthy allows us to perform at our best and reach our full potential, and most of us need a little help with this. This presentation gives participants a selection of ‘mind tools’ to manage unhelpful cognitions and develop a healthier way of thinking.


STILLNESS IS THE KEY: Benefits of Presence-Based Living

Instead of being physically in the moment but mentally in the past or future, learning to be present can not only optimise our brain functioning, self soothe in times of stress but increase our creativity and

boost performance. Learning how to be in the present moment is a

must when we are prioritising self-care. From meditation to visualisation,

from mindfulness to diaphragmatic breathing, this seminar teaches the

evidence behind these life-changing techniques, shares stories of

successful people who practice ‘presence’ as part of their success toolkit

and teaches some practical techniques that participants can use so they

can operate at their psychological and physical best.


GRIT MINDSET: The Secret to Success

What do passion, perseverance, effort, and stamina have in common?

They’re the key ingredients of what makes someone successful. In the

modern workplace, it takes more than intelligence or talent to get where

you want to go, and there’s increasing research that’s demonstrating

there’s more to success than brains. Through evidence-based research

and narrative from the world of high-performance, this seminar teaches

the secrets of the grit-advanced and what participants can start

practising to build their own personal grit mindset to apply to areas of

their own life.​​

RE-ENERGISE: Energy Management in your People

In the modern working environments, people are stressed. To effectively

re-energize their workforces, organisations need to shift their emphasis

from getting more out of people to investing more in them, so they are

motivated—and able—to bring more of themselves to work every day.

To recharge themselves, individuals need to recognise the costs of energy-depleting behaviours and then take responsibility for changing them, regardless of the circumstances they’re facing. In this seminar Marny works with participants to take control of their own energy by adopting a series of evidence-based rituals that can be used to re-energise their professional and their personal lives.


THE BEAUTIFUL MESS EFFECT: The Gifts of Vulnerability

 In the age of social media, it’s easy to fake that life is going perfectly, from posting envious holiday snaps on Facebook  through to curating the ideal Insta page. But amongst all the #blessed perfection on social media, you occasionally get a ‘real’ person showing their vulnerability. And we love it - but seemingly if it’s not us doing being the vulnerable one. The ‘Beautiful Mess’ effect refers to the way we take on a more negative view of our own vulnerability than we do others. We see vulnerability as courage in others, but a  weakness in ourselves. Why do we feel shame about showing the difficult parts of us? Why is vulnerability good for us? And how can we do starting showing up more authentically in our own lives? This seminar digs deep into the psyche, helps us become more confident in all parts of us and gets participants excited about the benefits that comes from being … a  beautiful mess.                                                      

PROBLEMATIC PERSONALITIES: How to Deal with Difficult People
No one likes dealing with a difficult person. Life would be so much easier if we could just avoid all the people we dislike. But unfortunately, we often can’t do this. We might have a client group that gets to us way too much, or maybe it's certain interactions with specific people in our life that cause ongoing distress. Difficult people are everywhere. We might have to work with one, our best friend might be married to one or we might even be related to one.  It’s a delicate art but dealing with problematic personalities is something you can learn. This presentation talks through the types of difficult people we generally encounter, the effects they have on us and outlines the powerful communication strategies that we can use in our personal and professional lives to remain cool, calm, confident and collected in our interactions with difficult people.


BURNOUT TO BRILLIANT: Bouncing Back From Burnout

Noticed you’re dragging yourself to work lately? Feeling cynical about it? Exhausted throughout the day?  Productivity reduced? The passion you once had for your work disappeared. Perhaps it’s not because you hate your job, but rather because you’re suffering from BURNOUT. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently recognising burnout as a medical condition, it’s now time for individuals & employers to take notice of this as a serious condition that has an enormous impact on the psychological and physical wellbeing of the sufferer. Not to mention, the flow on effect in the workplace. What are the signs and symptoms of burnout? What can assist a person suffering from burnout in the workplace? What can an individual & workplace do to prevent & treat burnout? A copy of Marny's new book "Burnout to Brilliant" can be provided to all participants on request.


CONNECT: Why Empathy is Crucial in the Workplace

If you’ve felt deeply emotional about the latest political decision, you’re certainly not alone. Negative emotions are at an all-time high in reaction to political pivots and changes, and individual interpretations and reactions is causing division in our communities. Whether it’s locking down, mask wearing, borders staying closed or vaccinations – each individuals has their own story, own experience, own belief systems that drive how they are feeling. The decisions ‘mean’ different things to different people – and it’s important that we understand that. Empathy is the ability to look through the lens of someone other than yourself. It's the ability to understand another person’s experience, perspective, and feelings. Empathy is a CRUCIAL skill for community members to embrace in this fast paced, uncertain, and ever-changing world we are

living in. What is empathy? Why is it needed more than ever? What

can we do to start being more empathetic to others in the

community, particularly when their beliefs don’t align with ours?

(2-Day Leading with Empathy workshop also available with Vanessa


WORKPLACE WELLNESS: Actualising ‘Wellness’ in the Modern


Research has consistently shown the positive correlation between

employee wellbeing and productivity. For many organisations having

a healthy, content and engaged workforce is no longer seen as a

“nice extra” but crucial for the success of their business. However, in

a busy organisation, knowing where to start is often difficult. This

seminar raises the consciousness around what matters in the

workplace for ‘people’ to perform at their best and gives workplaces

an understanding of the key areas that need to be taken in to

account when actualising a workplace strategy that is conducive to

psychological and physical wellness of their team.

FullL Learning & Development Brochure HERE


THRIVE (6-Month Coaching Program for Groups & Individuals)

This training package is an extension of the Thrive Workshop (above), where Marny provides a Mental Health & Wellbeing learning & development experience as well as provides follow up individual coaching sessions for participants after the training has been completed. Individual coaching plans are then tailored for each participant as well as follow up coaching sessions. This package is particularly useful for organisations who feel their staff need extra support post-trainings and a chance to design a new personal/professional blueprint in which to operate from and coached through after completion of the workshop. 

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