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We are living in a VUCA world marked by seismic change, uncertainty and untapped opportunity. Though the circumstances and challenges always change, the key to navigating the course rests in our ability to successfully move forward positively and proactively in all aspects of our lives towards a brighter future.

Nowhere is this more pressing than in the world of work where mammoth shifts in the global economy means that leaders must be on the front foot in listening to the future, anticipating what lies ahead, shaping the destiny of what is to come and, illuminating the path that lies ahead, as best they can for others to follow.

For leaders no greater challenge exists than to successfully guide your organisation through unchartered terrain and rally your people into a driving force to create a reimagined, repurposed and buoyant future.

We are well versed in how to engage, align, integrate and transition your people through periods of career upheaval, change and uncertainty. Whether it be through a world health crisis, through rapid organisational change, a period of downsizing or shut-down, M & A activity, or successfully reintegrating employees post union action like a strike or lock-out we provide services at every stage of the career life cycle.

We offer Organisation Revitalisation and People Integration support with a brighter future in mind.


Some of our success stories have seen us:

  1. Partner with the Executive Team and 400 leaders and managers of national media organisation to design, implement and reintegrate 4,000 leaders and employees post lockout nationally.

  2. Create the strategy and design and implement the return to work program for 600 leaders and employees at a global mining organisation.

  3. Lead, design and implement the “Revitalisation” Program for 300 leaders and employees at government organisation when it failed to mutualise.

  4. Manage Career Transition & Outplacement Services for large-scale global restructuring and downsizing initiatives across multiple industry sectors.

  5. Provide M&A People Integration Support across multiple organisations and industry sectors.

  6. Principal Advisors in National Change and Reform initiatives

For more information about the WAYFINDER - Organisations Revitalisation & People Integration Program developed and implemented by Vanessa Vershaw & Dr Marny Lishman please download:

WAYFINDER Program Brochure

WAYFINDER White paper