When you address your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and fear of the path unseen… you are free to find your inner resources and channel confidence.


When you clarify the value you bring at work, define your personal brand and learn how to communicate with authority, you will project confidence and stand out as a leader in your field.


Participants will


  • consider the importance of personal leadership

  • break down barriers to their achievement

  • foster internal confidence

  • define what sets them apart at work

  • learn to communicate their value and elevate their professional image, in person and online

  • discover tools for communicating with confidence and authority


Typical outcomes participants report


  • increased overall confidence day-to-day

  • willingness to put a hand up to try new projects or activities

  • ease in speaking with prospects and clients

  • increased clarity in what they bring to stakeholders

  • increased ability to communicate with confidence and build trust with clients

  • improved self-image

  • improved personal presentation

  • stepping up into more challenging roles

  • growth in client base

  • increased personal income or sales


Julissa Shrewsbury is founder & managing director at New Work Consulting, delivering expert advice in corporate personal brand strategy for professional service businesses and individuals. Julissa also presents keynotes & training on personal branding and LinkedIn strategy for corporate executives and teams. A university-qualified educator with close to 20 years’ experience in the field, she uses her understanding of education psychology and inclusive education programming to create and deliver exceptional learning experiences. Access Julissa’s Profile HERE.


Dr Marny Lishman is a Health & Community Psychologist, Columnist, Writer, Corporate Consultant & KeynoteSpeaker. As a result of working in the health care industry for over 15 years, Marny has found that stress and an anxious mindset underpin the majority of issues for professional people and stop people reaching their full potential. Marny provides media commentary on a variety of mental health topics on TV, radio and in print, including her regular opinion column for Perth Now / The Sunday Times, and commentary on the Channel 9 news bulletins.

Access Marny’s Profile HERE.



Wednesday 17th April 2019

The Como Treasury


Tickets: $387





Book the 1 hour information-rich overview seminar for your people $1200 + GST


And an applied and actionable half day workshop for each team $4000 + GST


Package rates available for multiple sessions


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"I cannot recommend Marny highly enough. We engaged Marny to work with our team over a period of great uncertainty and change. Marny conducted a workshop for our leadership team focused on Building Resilience In Times of Uncertainty. The leadership team responded so positively to the workshop they requested it be adapted for all staff and that Marny did. Feedback from staff was consistently positive. Marny is a pleasure to work with, she takes the time to really understand your business needs or challenges, her breadth of experience, coupled with a natural ability to adapt to a variety of audiences and topics makes her a great business partner”.  -  Michelle d’Almeida, Non Executive Director, Managing Director. News Corp Australia


“Great presentation Julissa. Now I know why every director and CEO I refer to you gives great feedback. You positively impact people’s lives personally and professionally.” – Robert Gordon, Board Accord on HLB Mann Judd presentation


“Marny Lishman recently presented an engaging workshop about resilience to my firm, HHG Legal Group. Her presentation had relevant insights for our whole team and she equipped us with new practical tools to implement. I look forward to hearing more from Marny Lishman!”-          Solicitor, HHG Legal Group