March 11, 2015

ARE you living your life in black and white terms? Are you seeing life as all or nothing?

“Good” or “bad”, “young” or “old”, “intelligent” or “stupid”, “success” or “failure”, “hot” or “not”, you’re “great” at this or you “suck” at that.

No in-between. No grey area.


February 1, 2015

TRADITIONALLY, health care for us Westerners is routine. For most of us, we are pretty on to it when it comes to our physical health. We notice some symptoms, and then we look to how we can reduce them.

We go to our GP when we have the flu, our physiotherapist for a tor...

March 5, 2014

Seems some of us Psychologists do what we tell our clients NOT to do.

And when I say, some of us Psychologists, I mean me.

This week I took part in the act of catastrophising. I did a darn good job at it too.  I managed to go from noticing one health symptom to diagnosin...

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