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How To Ask Someone Out

The tale is as old as time. Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Girl too nervous to ask boy out, boy never knows that girl was keen on him and moves on with his life. Boy meets someone else, and disappointed, girl moves forward in life feeling slightly jaded that said boy couldn’t read her mind. We’ve all been there, too tongue tied and nervous to say out loud what our heart was urging us to do. All over the world, tales of unrequited love are told, when in reality the love wasn’t as unrequited as what was thought. It’s just that no one actually said out loud what they were thinking. But the fear of rejection is wired into the best of us, and the dress rehearsal for that special someone’s ‘no t

How Can You Tell When It's Over?

There’s nothing quite like the high felt in a new relationship. The initial spark of attraction, the nervous anticipation of a text, the eagerness before a first touch and the excitement in finding out the feelings are mutual. There’s so much exhilaration in all of the ‘firsts’ of being with someone new. There seems to be more clarity surrounding how we feel in the beginning of a relationship. This is less so at the end of one. Yes, some of us know when a relationship is clearly not working, and many of us have certain deal breakers, which if broken, spell the quick demise of a partnership. But for the most part, knowing when to walk away from a relationship is considerably difficult, confus

Are You Suffering From Dating Fatigue?

Dating 2019-style might sound incredibly easy to the unfamiliar eye. With an abundance of available singles and a plethora of dating apps, individuals can seamlessly Bumble and Tinder their way into the heart of another. The idea of finding the love of your life at the swipe of a finger sounds easy enough, but in reality can be quite different. Not finding anyone of interest, finding a lot of interest but for the ‘wrong thing’ or not getting any interaction at all can render a single to feeling quite hopeless about finding love. On-line dating fatigue can set in with singles feeling like looking for love is not only a waste of their time but the emotional energy invested is simply not worth


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