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Those raw feelings of longing, yearning, needing and wanting to be in a relationship are very familiar to most of us adults. So is the confusion when you haven’t met your match, yet everyone around you appears to. Maybe you’ve done all right in the relationship department over the last few years, but are still looking for ‘the one’. Maybe you’re a few days out of a recent break up, or maybe you’ve been single for far too long. Perhaps you’re still in a relationship, but in your mind checked out a while ago. For many, the thought of being numero uno doesn’t sit well and seeking to remedy the uncomfortableness of that is the only way to go. But is our need to be in a relationship what we reall

Is Your Attachment Style Sabotaging Your Relationship?

All of us are likely to have experienced relationship problems at some point in our adult lives. It’s not possible to always share the same values, beliefs and life long dreams with everyone we initially find attractive. But for many people, ongoing difficulties in relationships can leave them scratching their head in confusion as to why their love life didn’t work out… yet again. For some it might have been falling too heavy, too fast. Or some being in love but not being able to commit. Some just can’t get close to others, others just get too close. Some want the physical, without the emotional. For others it all starts out so hot, but quite quickly growing so, so cold. Exploring the attach

7 Ways To Beat Stress In 2019

The New Year is upon us, a time of retrospection and re-evaluation for many. We can now jump into a brand new year and make some of the changes that we know need to be made in our lives for the better. A New Year is the perfect opportunity for all of us to start afresh with our New Year Resolutions. Many of us have in mind that we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. But how about trying something a little different? Most of the habits we try to tackle are likely to be the remnants of poor coping mechanisms for stress previously encountered. This year many of us are focusing on reducing those wines after work, resolving not to Netflix into the wee hours, aiming for one coffee instead of


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