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Why You Need A Role Model

Recently my friend and I saw the movie A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Apart from being a brilliant film that managed to completely ruin my mascara, the soundtrack was a particular highlight. So much so, that I’ve played it repeatedly in my car ever since. In particular, replaying one of Cooper’s songs, Black Eyes. Anyway, since I’ve taken control of the music in the car for a change, I’ve noticed that Bradley Cooper has come up in conversation numerous times with my kids. I also noticed that my daughter wrote on her suggested Year 6 Graduation playlist that she would like “Black Eyes” played at her school graduation party. And with totally no input from me, my son also

Why Your Anxiety Is More Than A Touch of The Nerves

Many people grew up with an elderly relative with a ‘touch of the nerves’, one who kept to themselves or one that drank a little too much. But looking back, these were likely symptoms of anxiety, rather than little quirks. Anxiety is more than being nervous, and it’s likely most of us suffer from it, yet don’t even realise. Yes, it can be excessive worrying, stress and irritability. But what about the excessive drinking in the evening? The tossing and turning at night? The perfectionism? The scrolling around on our phone for hours? The staying in your comfort zone (when what you really want is outside of it)? In the past, anxiety wasn’t talked about much and it certainly wasn’t diagnosed. We

Single Not Sorry

If you’re single and ready to mingle, but after many months of searching are finding yourself scratching your head as to why you haven’t found ‘the one’, then take note from our millennials. Don’t worry about it. Turns out our young adulthoods are questioning the paradigm that most of us older folk have grown up with; that being single is something we have to fix, and if we are not locked in arms with a partner, then we should at least be on the hunt for one. Not taking the social constructed pathway of finishing your schooling and then pairing off immediately is seen as an attractive option by our millennials. In fact, spending some time as a ‘single’ is seen as quite beneficial. Tinder rec

Why Resistance Is A Dream Killer

It’s that time of the year again, when the weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and your summer clothes aren’t fitting like they used to. After trying on some of my dresses this week I have wondered why no one sent me the ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ memo. But that’s not a new thing. The same thought enters my mind at this time, every, single, year. I look down at my see-through legs, and think why did I not start running a few months ago? Those legs would look a lot different right now if I did. I’ve been a runner in my mind for a while now, and have wanted to physically start running for a long time. Like for decades. But still haven’t got around to i

Is Ikigai The Secret We Need To Know?

Having just returned from a leisurely holiday, it’s not unusual to feel a little bombarded by real life on return. Walking back into the ‘have-to-dos’ as well as the ‘want-to-dos’ can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, I feel like I don’t have enough time again. Whilst I was away it seemed that time just stood still. I had endless amounts it, even though I was away for less than a week. Yes, granted some of this time away was spent with my nose in a book lazing by a pool. But for the most part I was exploring, spending time in nature, learning about new things and being fully engaged with the people around me. I was even engaging in some work-related reading, but was enjoying it all the same. I wa

Why EQ is the new IQ

If you’ve been a tad concerned over the years that you’re not smart enough, then don’t panic. In a world that’s yearning for real connection, it’s emotional intelligence that we’re looking for. Having ‘the smarts’ is so yesterday. Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, is essentially the way you perceive, understand, manage and express emotions. It’s not only about the way you deal with your own emotions, but also in the way you interact with other people, and their emotions. As you can imagine, having high emotional intelligence is desirable in people in any sort of social context. Those who’ve been in romantic relationships know the difference between being with someone who is emot

Why You Need To Stop Judging

Recently I was listening to some commentary between friends regarding the relationship breakdown of a couple they both knew. It mostly consisted of banter about when it happened, why it happened and mainly hypothesising about whose fault it was (it’s usually always the fault of the less-closer half of the couple to us, of course). Not particularly the nicest conversation to be a part of but tends to be human nature when people get together and start gossiping about other peoples lives. Needless to say, my psychologist hat was on, as it seems to be off-duty sometimes, and I gently reminded them that they probs don’t have the whole story, so they shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I gathered by t


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