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Don't Let A Panic Attack Stop You

If you’ve ever had a sudden bout of heart palpitations, struggled to breathe and felt a sheer sense of terror overcoming you without warning, then you might know what a panic attack feels like. Gasping for air and unaware of what’s causing your body to act in such a foreign way, for seemingly no good reason, is enough to strike fear in any of us. A panic attack is something that many of us may experience at some point in our life. The symptoms of which can be so frightening, that even the subconscious thought of having another one, is enough to cause us to avoid not only whatever we were doing when we first had an attack, but anything in the future that could possibly lead to another one. Pa

The Beautiful Mess Effect

In the age of social media, it’s easy to fake that life is going perfectly. From posting all the envious holiday snaps on Facebook through to curating the ideal Instagram page, the influencers of today can depict what the perfect life looks like. The humble brag that was once reserved for only those they were close to, is now out there on display to all. But amongst all the blessed perfection on social media, you occasionally get a ‘real’ person baring all. Instead of just displaying the ‘best of me’, and hiding the worst, which most of us tend to do, they show us a more accurate portrayal of themselves and their life. And we love it. Even in real life, there are people we know who are a li


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