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Why You Are Not Your Job

Meeting new people for the first time is always interesting to me. Not just because I find people intriguing, but because after the initial introduction one of the first questions most of us are met with is “… so, what do you do?” For me, answering with my automated response of “I’m a psychologist” is usually met with fascination. Actually, either that or the person runs in the other direction. That being said, it’s not uncommon for us to want to know, first off, what people we meet ‘do’ for a living. Whether it be at a professional event or socialising at the neighbours BBQ, we’ve all been thrown that question. It’s not only enquired of us, but we automatically attach it to our persona. Our

The IKEA Effect

The end of another school holidays is nigh, and I’m reflecting on whether I made the most of it. As a sole parent, school holidays for me mean taking part in the (non) balancing act of working whilst my children are at home. With the weather being a tad rainy, my kids have spent a lot of their time cooking up a storm so “mum can get stuff done”. A part from a wide range of slime, some amazing culinary delights have come out of our kitchen in the last fortnight, most of which have been quite edible. As tempting as getting my kids involved in all of the household duties sounds, I have noticed a bit of a pattern when they do. That pattern being, the more duties I give them that requires their t


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