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Do You Need To Break Up With Your Phone?

Anyone who’s close to me knows that I’m notoriously difficult to get hold of by phone. If we have an actual pre-organized physical meeting / appointment / lunch date, then I’ll be there with bells on, but getting in touch by ringing me will always be wrought with difficulty. No, I’m not being rude, avoiding certain people or purposefully not answering. It’s just because I’m always in the middle of something. Always. And I have learned over time, that answering my phone on top of being in the middle of something is not particularly beneficial for either myself, my train of thought, or the people I’m in the middle of something with. And when I say ‘in the middle of something’ I mean anything f

How To Deal With Toxic People

All of us know someone who makes us feel happier simply just by being around them. I’m sure all of us also can think of someone whose very presence stresses us out. If we don’t know a toxic person right now, it’s likely we will at some point in our lives. Toxic people can come in a variety of forms from the overtly nasty, judgemental and spiteful through to those who are little more covert. Like those who have perfected the art of the little ‘dig’ seemingly directed at us. These are the types of people that radiate a considerable amount of negative energy, and tend to operate on a different frequency. In many cases, they leave us feeling not only uncomfortable, but also somewhat drained. Wha


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