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Why Time Is On Your Side

Time is a funny thing. We waste time, we take time, we kill time, we lose track of time and we never have enough time. Time flies when we’re having fun, but when we’re bored, it simply won’t go quick enough. Time can also be precious, it has the ability to heal, it can be on our side and eventually it’s the perfect time. As Stephen Hawking once said “only time – whatever that may be – will tell”. But what I notice is that we don't give ourselves enough time when we’re going through change. Most of us are impatient, giving ourselves a hard time when change doesn’t happen quick enough. We want results quicker than is often possible, and would rather give up on an idea or goal completely than w

Why Dr Google Is Making It Worse

If you’re using the Internet to make sense of a health condition thinking you can diagnose yourself into getting better, then think again. You might just be making your health worse. Reaching for Dr Google every time you get a sign of illness is not always as helpful as it sounds, particularly if you’re prone to health anxiety. Your cold becomes pneumonia. Being out of breath is an asthma attack. Heart palpitations must be a heart attack. A lump is definitely cancer and a headache is most certainly a brain tumour. For those who worry a tad too much about getting an illness, the plethora of medical and health websites that lure us to self-diagnose cause more of a problem than the original sym

Why You Need To Let It Go

It’s not only Elsa from Frozen that’s been telling us to do it, so is recent research. If you’ve described yourself as ‘stressed’ lately, then you’re certainly not alone. Whether it’s real life events or just replaying stressful moments over in our mind, stress can create all sorts of havoc on our health. But recent research suggests that it’s not the stressors themselves that are the problem, but rather, that we’re not letting them go. We use the word stressed to describe a feeling we get from a wide variety of experiences in our daily life. From the relatively smaller but valid stressors like looking after little kids, unexpected bills and feeling overworked through to the larger life stre


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