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Why The Truth Hurts

They say that the truth will often set you free. But for some, it’s going to make them angry first, and that’s usually directed at the person who spoke the truth. In the last couple of months I’ve engaged in a few public and personal conversations about health with different people. Specifically speaking, some of the factors that have been found to contribute to poor physical and mental health, from unhealthy food through to excessive use of gaming. Everyone has an opinion about these, and depending on your own personal health behaviours, the discussion can go from civil to unreasonable rather quickly. Most of us know the lifestyle factors that contribute to ill health in developed countri

Is Your Food Affecting Your Mood

It will come as no surprise that the quality of our diet has a huge effect on our physical health. Common knowledge is that there are many health problems associated with a poor diet. But Australia's physical health decline isn't the only thing we need to be concerned about. With nearly half of Australians likely to experience a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime, the impact of diet and its role in mental health needs to be considered much more than it is. There is mounting evidence to suggest that nutrient deficient foods are contributing to the onset of mental health conditions. These types of foods are taking up most of the space on the average dinner plate, and it’s


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