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Why We All Need To Have Gratitude

As we start winding down another year, many of us are thinking back over the last twelve months, gathering our learning’s and planning what we'd like to see happen in our lives next year. There’s a fair chance that if we all exchanged our to-do lists for next year, we’d find many similarities. Broadly speaking, the majority of people will want to get healthier, get more organised, learn more hobbies and travel more. Others want to find love or be more successful. Regardless of the plans that are laid out, the ‘why’ behind the plans will be much the same. And that is the want to be happy. If we achieve these things next year, we will be happy as a result. People want to lose weight to find ha

How To Avoid The Post-Holiday Blues

THIS week marks the return to work for many who have had the luxury of some time off over the festive season. Feeling relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated people are heading back to their usual routines, with sleep-ins and lazy beach days now a distant memory. For some, the post-holiday blues has probably set in, with people feeling despondent about having to get back to the daily grind. When we’re on holiday we spend time doing things just because we want to, rather than what we feel we have to. Whether it’s enjoying an out-of-the-ordinary late night, a sunset, a long swim or a nap, we say to ourselves that we must do this more often. But most of us get back to our normal routines once the ho


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