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How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

The Christmas festivities are over and we now turn our attention to the New Year. As we reflect on the year that was, learn from it and look forward to the coming one, many of us have a few New Years Resolutions in mind to become better versions of ourselves next year. Some of us will be committing to removing a well relied on vice, like cigarettes or the wine every evening. Others will be adding some better lifestyle habits, perhaps getting a gym membership or embarking on a new diet. Whatever the resolution is, it will involve some changing oneself to a certain degree. Unfortunately, the wave of New Year energy that gets us all excited about our resolutions predictably fizzles, with appro

Playing Is Not Just For Kids

For kids, holidays are a time for playing, freedom, loudness and most importantly, mucking around. I can attest to this after finding a secret stash of opened candy cane wrappers in a drawer the other day. All of the above was happening at a rather high amplitude. The thing about kids is that most of them know how to have a good time. They are spontaneous, imaginative and don’t care who is watching. They think about what they want to do for amusement, and then they simply do it. Most of us adults become the fun police as we grow up. We get all serious and stuff. We regard play as something for kids, a waste of time and most definitely unproductive. Play is perceived as childish, childlike an


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