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It's Time To Rethink Christmas Presents

Last week I caught a glimpse of my son’s Dear Santa letter before it embarked on its long journey to the North Pole. Amongst the Christmas wish list requests for this year were a drone with a camera, a shock pen, the ‘biggest’ mega nerf gun and a torch ‘as long as a bat’. Yes it does look like the Christmas list of your common home burglar, but that wasn’t even my concern. It was the thought of having more stuff in our house. Opening our toy cupboard is already a near-death experience and I cringe at the thought of another season of Christmas presents being crammed in there. Toys destined to become dusty and abandoned after the novelty wears off. For the past few years, the Santa that comes

Why We All Need Purpose

I recently decided to embark on the exciting journey of buying a dog. I haven't actually bought one yet, but I'm very much in the planning stages. I just need to make a few changes in the house, and top of the list is actually getting a new house as well as a lifestyle that allows me to spend more time there. This dog owning journey needs to be thought through. You see, my bucket list dog is a husky, and you can't go and buy one of these types of dogs in a whimsical moment. I have put so much thought into getting a husky, that I still don’t have a husky. No one should be a bad dog owner, but you definitely can’t be one with a husky. Whilst some dogs might succumb to boredom and sleep the day


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