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Should You Trust Your Gut?

I’m a big believer in trusting my gut. The instinctual feeling that rises up at times without much thought. It’s the knawing in my mind when something’s not right; it’s the hair standing up at the back of my neck in eerie places and the weird feeling that comes over me when I don't quite trust someone. It’s also been an indescribable confidence that comes over me when I have to make a decision and 'I just know’ what the right thing is to do. People are full of inspirational words of wisdom about how our gut always knows best. We get ‘a hunch’ and then go with it or we make a decision and ‘trust our instinct’. We’re told that our gut feelings are always accurate, and if our intuition tells us

Why You Need To Know Thyself

It’s Mental Health Week and this year it’s all about connection. Connecting with nature, connecting with community and connecting with self. Being pack animals, human beings are wired to connect and we don’t fair as well when we’re not connected to people and our surroundings. But what’s most important of all is the connection we have with our self. Socrates knew a great deal of things and he wasn’t wrong when he stated that us humans need to get to ‘know thyself’. I know myself pretty well. I know what makes me happy. I know what my strengths are as well as my values. But I also know what my fears are, where I need to challenge myself, what I avoid, what I am sensitive to and also where I t


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