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Why We Shouldn't Give Up So Easily

Last week I finally caved in and bought a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. I’m a bit behind the times in discovering these life-changing machines, but I’ve never been keen on spending that amount of money on a household appliance, particularly when coffee doesn’t come out of it. But I’m adult enough now to realise that buying cheap vacuums annually is no longer working for me, and I was also feeling guilty about sending another vacuum to landfill. So this year when my little one broke, my friend urged me to invest in a Dyson as she has a deep love for her own. When I arrived home with my shiny vacuum and set to putting it together I noticed a paragraph on the box that explained how the inventor, James

Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection

In the last few months I have embarked on the tremendously exciting yet potentially ego-destroying journey of trying to get a book published. After each ‘thanks, but no thanks’ email or even worse, no reply at all, I can feel a slight chipping away at my usually-quite-resilient persona. But you know what, if JK Rowling, George Orwell and Stephen King can be rejected over and over again, so can I. Rejection is difficult, and many people are so scared of it that they won’t take steps forward in life, for fear of experiencing it. There are little rejections, like the ones that make you say ‘pffft’ to yourself when they happen. This might be the case after a date you thought went well that never


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