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How To Divorce Well

This month has seen another sad celebrity breakup, with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris parting ways after nearly 10 years together. The newspapers are quoting again, that love is dead, like they tend to do every time a couple in the public eye announce their divorce. But a part from the glamour that separates us mere mortals with celebrities, we are all the same. We experience similar highs and lows in life, and that includes the hard times where love doesn’t last. When we go our separate ways with the ones we promised to stay married to ‘till death do us part. Divorce is never in anyones plans when they get married, but it’s so very common. Whilst the general divorce trend has gone down a tad o

When People Are A Bit Of A Problem

The other day a friend of mine told me that she was secretly glad when her social plans with friends fall through. When they text the cancellation, she responds with a sad face emoji, but inside, quietly breathes a sigh of relief. One may think it odd that people don’t actually enjoy spending time with others. Given a choice, there are many who would prefer a night at home in their pyjamas, over a night mingling. We also live in an age where we don’t have to go out for socialising if we don’t want to. With Netflixing and gaming at our fingertips we can keep ourselves entertained at home for hours on end, seemingly fine, but at the same time unaware that what we’re doing is ‘getting used’ to


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