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Scary World Doesn't Have To Be A Worry

Every day there seems to be a new atrocity that is taking place in the world. A 24-hour news cycle means that we can be exposed to these traumatic and tragic events as they are happening. No longer limited to the morning paper or the nightly news, images and discussions about world events can reach us immediately. Us adults are grown up enough to make decisions about what we expose ourselves to. If it gets too much, we can turn it off. But for the children around us, they too are absorbing the same distressing content. My 9-year-old son recently told me that he was half looking forward to becoming an adult. When I asked why, he said that he didn’t want to meet any robbers or men that kill pe

When Was The Last Time You Chatted To A Stranger?

We may scoff at the idea of people not being able to survive without a mobile phone. But these days, if we look around in a public place, there is enough evidence to suggest that many of us look like we would not be able to. Heads bowed & necks curved we’re all looking down watching the world through the devices in our palms. I spent a few days in a forest chalet this week, and was out of range for most of the time. After the initial shock and horror of my unexpected mobile-less-ness, I survived perfectly well, and was better off because of it. Beautiful family, good friends, delicious food and nature. What more could one want? For most people, their mobile phone. These days most of us feel

How To Be A Morning Person (When You Are Not One!)

Is it just me or are others envious of peppy morning people? Those who bounce out of bed in the morning, full of energy and conversation. I am totally jealous of people who can do this. I am quite an early riser, and I do get out of bed before everyone else in my household. This is not because I enjoy early mornings, but because I need total silence for at least half and hour before any human interaction. But rising early comes natural to many people, and usually these people tend to get to bed the night before at a reasonable hour. In social scientific terms, these people are called ‘Larks’ – as in the chirpy early rising bird. ‘Night Owls’ on the other hand, are likely to prefer evenings a


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