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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

After another week of absorbing turbulent news it feels as though the world has some enormous worries right now. We have empathy for the people who have this taking place in their hometowns and wary about it creeping closer to home. But after a while, we switch off the tragedies on TV, return to our normal lives, and get back to stressing about insignificant things going on in our own smaller worlds. Flapping around about minor goings-on in our lives, when at the same time, people around the world are going through so much worse. It doesn’t come natural for us to stop and get a bit of perspective when we are stressing out about something little that’s happening to us. You only have to witnes

Anxious About The News?

We have this week, yet again, woken up to headlines informing us of more atrocity in the world. Heart-wrenching news that leaves us in tears, feeling uncertain as well as more than disappointed in the world we live in. It seems like a day doesn’t go by without a reminder of how frightening the world can be, whether it be from crime, war, violence or another type of injustice. As much as people complain about the reporting of bad news, we need this information. There is no doubt that there are a lot of bad things that happen, and it is a right for people to be informed about what happening in the world they live in. It’s always a choice for us to not read, watch or listen to the news. We don’


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