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Stigma Is The Problem, Not Mental Illness

Imagine a world where, upon noticing we're not feeling physically or mentally okay, we express how we’re feeling, and then reach out for the appropriate help. Then once we have received the right treatment, we recover and then get back to life. Seems like that world does exist in some ways, but only for those who feel physically unwell. If it’s a mental health issue, many of us are still taking the option of suffering in silence, and not getting the appropriate treatment. Mental health issues are a common problem for many of us. According to WHO, an estimated 300 million people are affected by depression around the world. The number of people suffering from depression and/or anxiety increase

Get Busy Getting Less Busy

These days every second person seems to be ‘busy’. People feeling as though they have too much to do, and not enough time to do it. “I’m busy”, “so busy”, “too busy” or “busy, busy”. Everyone is just so…busy. Subjectively speaking, some peoples ‘busy’ is working a 16-hour day whereas another persons ‘busy’ is watching Netflix for about the same amount of time. But whatever we choose to fill our time with, it seems that too many of us wear the ‘too busy’ badge proudly. Whilst we may feel as though we have no time anymore, we probably have more time on our hands that our ancestors. We press a button or two to get most things done now and then fill our time up watching screens to fill up the ee

Would You Like Some Confidence With That?

Recently I took a hit in the confidence department. My confidence likes to go on holiday without me now and again, and this time it stayed away for longer than it should. So while it was off enjoying itself I sat there baby sitting my self-doubt for a while, before I got my psychologist bag of tricks out to get it back. Lucky for me, this doesn’t take long. A sign of the times maybe, but I’m noticing a general confidence drop in people everywhere. So if you've lost confidence in yourself recently, you’re not alone. Self - confidence is the belief or trust in our own abilities, qualities or judgement. Too much self-confidence and we can come off as a hot head, making quick decisions that may


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