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Question Your Thoughts

My 8 year old is an inquisitive little guy. He wonders about all sorts of things, questioning everything about the world. You know, the usual questions we ask ourselves daily; do millipedes have hearts? How do horses kiss? Why are walls on buildings always covered in 'robbers writing'? Mostly I fling his curiosities right back at him and ask him what he thinks. I do this because it's good for kids to develop their own critical thinking skills, but I do it mainly because I usually don't know the answers. His inquiring little mind got me thinking about how our own adult minds work. How most of us go about thinking what we think, without actually thinking anything of it. But, what if we’re gett

The Dark Side Of Instant Gratification

We are an instantly gratified bunch of people. We want what we want when we want it. And for the most part, we usually get it. With a click of a mouse we can buy an outfit we have been eyeing off, without even getting off the couch. We can watch the next episode of our favourite TV show without having to wait a whole excruciating week. We can order a pizza and get it delivered straight away. We can even swipe ourselves a relationship, or a bit of something else. Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure without delay. We want something, and we are going to get it now. As human beings we are wired to move towards pleasure and avoid pain, but even waiting for what we want has

Take Advantage of Nostalgia

I’ve recently bought a brand new car. It’s nice and shiny with its fancy tech and new car smell, but I can’t quite get over the fact that it doesn’t have a CD player. It’s the norm with new cars now apparently, and I’m quite ambivalent in my feelings towards this. In the last week I have had to embark on the time-consuming job of uploading my gazillion CD’s onto iTunes, which, on a positive note, has also given me the chance to go through the music I haven’t played in a while. It’s actually turned out to be fun, because it’s had me feeling all, you know, nostalgic. Turns out that this is good for you. Nostalgia is the sentimental feelings we have for a former time in our life. And there’s no


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