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Find Your Motivation In The Movies

Ever gone through a difficult time and hummed “just keep swimming”? Been on a bad holiday and thought “there is no place like home”? Recently got angry and started singing “let it go”? You’re not the only one. Many movies we watched as kids have a big impact on our psyche. So much so that we can still quote those unforgettable characters years later. With school holidays still upon us I have found myself with ample time to watch a few movies with my children. Now that they’re a little older we have moved along in taste of movies and no longer limited to the token hit cartoon movies that us parents have to to sit through, over and over again. I’ve also taken it upon myself to introduce them t

Why Being Outside Is Good For Your Mental Health

I don’t like indoor kids playgrounds. In fact, I loathe them. There, I said it. When my children hand me a party invite for an indoor play centre on a weekend, I quietly die inside. Bonus dread if both kids take up an entire Sunday with multiple indoor parties. Triple dread if I am expected to stay the whole time. It’s not the screaming kids and unidentifiable smells at these places that bother me so much, it’s the thought of being couped up indoors that ruins my weekend. If I'm going to have a day off work with my kids, I want to be enjoying it predominantly outdoors. Many of us who grew up pre-2000’s probably remember our own childhood full of outside adventures. If it wasn’t playing with

Work/Life Balance - Is There Such A Thing?

If you’re finding it more challenging than ever to juggle your life and the demands of your job, you are not alone. In a modern world where we have the technological ability to be in work-mode well after clocking off, we are working more hours than we used to. The ability to switch off, literally, is becoming more difficult. Couple that with job insecurity and expectations from bosses that staff should work longer hours, leaves many of us feeling worn-out and overworked. In a recent WA Speaks survey by The Sunday Times, only 6.4% of respondents reported feeling as though they had the right balance between work and their life. A total of 43% felt that they worked too much. It would be wise to


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