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Want A Happier & Healthier Workplace?

This year has been an interesting year for many of us. It has brought about its fair share of challenges and I think many people are looking forward to a fresh new year. I have already started planning what my work life will look like next year, have you thought about yours? This year I have worked with many individuals and organisations that have experienced high stress levels and anxiety as a result of difficulties in the workplace. For some, it has been looming redundancies, and for others it has been increased workloads and high expectations from management. In many cases, it has been personal circumstances at home that have affected ones performance at work. Life is always going to have

Perfectionist Personality

Having high standards might be an admirable quality to have. It is often the steam that propels us to get what we want in life. Performing as well as one can, and expecting the same from others is a trait that can increase our chances of success. We like success. But what if this commendable quality has a darker side that can actually lead to our unhappiness? Constant quests for these unrealistic expectations for ourselves could end up making us rather stressed, anxious and miserable. People who expect a lot of themselves are likely to have the personality trait known as perfectionism. It kind of sounds like an awesome trait to have, and people often boast about having it, but it’s not all w


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