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Happiness In The Workplace

Not everyone is lucky enough to love their job. Some people spend their workday in the job of their dreams, have a super work-life balance and follow their passion within a supportive work environment. While others suffer an indescribable dread on Monday morning when the alarm goes off. Starting another week of overwhelming demands, conflict with management and poor communication with team members is enough to cause the snooze button to be pressed more than once. Throw in some job uncertainty and you have a recipe for not going in at all. In Australia, approximately half of working people identify work as a source of stress. Many people also see work demands as a barrier to maintaining a hea

Feeling Off? 7 Lesser Known Signs Of Stress

Years ago, as a mere psychology student and dealing with academic workload pressures, I yearned for the semester break. Then during my hard-earned holidays I would promptly catch some revolting cold or flu, to which I would spend the rest of the break recovering from. Holidays were spent blobbing around the house recovering from whatever illness I had landed. Busy, burned-out people tend to get sick often. The more stressed people are, the more frequent they are in catching illness as well as having more trouble shaking it off. Stress lowers your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting sick. Stress gets to us in weird ways. Most of us are aware of the more common signs of being


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