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Visualise Your Way To Success

The Olympics are done and dusted for another Olympiad and we can all now slip back into our usual daily routines. Apart from getting puffed out watching the athletes perform strenuous activities for 16 days, I am wondering whether we can gain anything else for ourselves from this four yearly event. Those hours sitting on the couch needn’t be wasted. We could all benefit from this hard effort on a more personal level. What always springs to mind when I am watching and reading about these superhuman feats is the mindset of professional athletes. The physical performance of sports can only take us so far, and there are millions of people around the world who could, if we were just talking physi

How To Handle Lifes Little Irritations

It’s no secret to people that know me that I am a cat lady. In fact, I think I am one cat off having a bit of a problem. I love nothing more than to relax and enjoy a book with my two cats curled up at the end of my bed. It’s my quiet, recharging time. However. There is something that can turn my zen time with my adorable cats into torture to my senses. The sound of a cat washing its fur. That licky clicky icky sound they make with their spiky little tongues drives me near mad. The sound, or even the sight of them doing it, does to me what a fingernail down a blackboard also does. It is so grinding on my nerves that for a moment or two, I would consider selling my usually beloved cat on the

Act As If...

I have recently started watching an intriguing series called Rectify. In one episode the shy, brooding ex-con of a main character, Daniel, is invited to a social gathering of a group of people he isn’t familiar with. A social invitation elicits fear in the introverted character, but he reluctantly goes along. The party host, noticing Daniel’s ambivalence about being there, offers him some wise advice to just ‘act as if’. For just one hour, ‘act as if’ he belongs. Turns out our introverted protagonist does quite okay for himself at the party (if you know what I mean). Feigning confidence leads to a few conversations and a little bit of action later on in the night. Something that he would nev


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