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Expectation Hangovers

Anyone who participates in life experiences disappointment now and again. Maybe something has not panned out for you lately. Or perhaps you are feeling disappointed because something has not turned out the way you wanted. There are many times in my life where I have been quite excited about something – a new job, a person I’d been spending time with or an event coming up, that didn’t turn out to be what I had expected. The thought of them had me on a high, but the reality of it ended up a tad disappointing. Other times, crushingly disappointing (human being first, psychologist second). But it was the expectation or the thought of it that had me hopeful. The idea of it that I had created in m

Imposter Syndrome - Are You Going To Get Found Out?

I read a lot. I am particular to reading books by thought leaders who have got something interesting to say about the world. Biographies and autobiographies are also fascinating reading to me. I veer towards the stories of those people who have become successful at what they do; entrepreneurs, writers, athletes, actors, musicians and other high achievers. I like to learn how they ‘tick’. From the outside, success looks glamorous. There they are living the life, looking so confident in what they have to say. Rich and successful with enviable lives that seemingly came so easy. But once you read their stories, you’re no longer fooled by the smoke and mirrors. They are just like the rest of us.


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