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The Unlived Life Within Us

As a parent, a good amount of my ‘parenting’ involves picking up my children’s possessions off the floor. A family room mat covered with crayons and half finished pieces of craft from my little artists. Whilst making figures out of pop sticks and cottonwool balls may not be my personal forte, when the pencils are out I can’t resist joining in. I love to draw. I seem to get lost in time, and forget about everything else that is going on. When concentrating my attention on drawing a cartoon rabbits overly proportionate eyes, I often think how I should start taking art lessons again because it relaxes me (and so I can learn to draw other things apart from animals with overly proportionate eyes)

Quick Fixes Aren't Always The Best Fix

We live in a quick fix society. One of instant gratification; getting what we want when we want it. If we have a problem, most of us reach for the remedy that is easy and effortless. We like to get out of pain as quick and simply as we can, which is fair enough. Why sit in it longer than we have to? The thing is, many of the quick fix remedies, only alleviate the problem we have for the time being. As Dr Seuss might put it if he was still around- just because a quick fix fixes you quick, doesn’t mean it is the best fix. Quick fixes are all well and good for acute problems, like stitches to your wound, but not long term ones. And that’s what we need to be careful of. In regards to our health,


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