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The Nocebo Effect - Are You Making Yourself Sick?

With our health and wellbeing, we are aware of what behaviours in life we need to do to keep ourselves well. Whether we do them or not is another thing, but for most of us, we know what could harm us. But what if there was another factor that could determine our health and wellbeing? One that is overlooked, yet shown to have a powerful effect. That what you know can hurt you. In terms of health care, just “knowing” the negative effects of a diagnosis or intervention, can cause harm. Most of us have heard of the placebo effect. When control groups given a sugar pill get compared with a group that is given the real deal. The control group are told that the placebo is real, and the results ofte

How To Do A Life Crises Well

There has been a lot of talk of life crises of late, specifically regarding how we could be going through them earlier these days. For most of us, the term life crisis brings to mind the stereotypical image of a middle-aged man and his new red Porsche. A time of confusion that perhaps leads to extravagant purchases and impulsive decisions that are made to soothe the inner confusion that one is dealing with.Which ultimately doesn’t work because, well, these things never do. The term life crisis is no longer relegated to unconsciously panicking middle agers but rather experienced by many of us, particularly at the end of each life transition. We live longer these days, so we get a chance to go

The Tetris Effect: You Are What You Repeatedly Do

It is interesting meeting new people when one’s profession is a psychologist. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked what I do for a living and after hearing my answer, they follow with “are you analysing me right now?” I’d be a millionaire. Well not quite. I’d have a good extra $20 in my pocket. But even so, I am asked this question in social settings way too often. I usually laugh it off and say ‘no, of course not’, but truth be told, I probably am. I am most likely analysing every single word that comes out of their mouths. I don’t mean to do this. It’s obviously automatic. We are all like this. You are probably not testing your psychological skills on everyone you meet, but you a


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