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Are You Limiting Your Life?

For many people the beach is for casually swimming, relaxing, sunbathing and staring out towards the clear blue ocean. That person is never me. Because I have young children who need to be watched at all times. Particularly one of them, who sees a visit to the beach as an opportunity to boogie board towards the horizon. She has no fear when it comes to the ocean. I have tried everything to warn her of the dangers of going out too deep, but in the moment, the beach is awesome, I can swim and well, who cares. So, I am one of those parents yelling from the beach to not go too far out, about 55 times. It crossed my mind that perhaps for the next family movie night I play the two Jaws movies that

Channelling Harvey Specter: Which TV Character Should You Channel?

It seems these days that everyone has their favourite TV series along with their favourite protagonist. Harvey Specter from Suits, Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black, Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards, Don Draper from Mad Men. Or maybe you’re more of a Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, Nina Proudman from Offspring, or Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory type of person. In a world where we no longer have to wait a whole week to watch a next episode, binge-watching allows us to almost live alongside these characters as though they are a part of our own lives, much like a friend, family member or work colleague. Watching movies allows us roughly two hours to get to


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