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Have You Got A FOBO?

THE idea of not being connected to the internet has become unimaginable for some people. And this fear of not being able to get online at every instant has started to cause a new wave of anxiety. Upon reading this one may scoff at the thought of people getting distressed by such a thing. But how would you react at not being able to get online for a day? Would it bother you? This new mental health phenomenon has been labelled FOBO.The Fear of Being Offline (FOBO) is the lesser-known cousin of The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Laugh if you will, but I am sure you have at least felt that uncomfortable feeling that arises when you have misplaced your phone or it has run out of batteries. For some,

Still Too Many Men Suffering In Silence

Attitudes to mental health and specifically men’s mental health in the community have positively shifted in the last decade or so. We are seeing more people discussing it, more male celebrities and much-loved sporting personalities admitting publicly to suffering from mental health issues. In the past year I have noticed many more men coming into my private practice for help. It has been quite a large shift from previous years where I have had a predominantly female client base. This pleases me. It pleases me because more men are reaching out for help for issues that all of us experience at some point. However, I do believe that we still have a long way to go. There are still many men suffer


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