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Call Your Mate: They're Good For Your Health

I KNOW my friends are good for my health. Daily, I natter away to them on the phone, Facebook, email or catch up for a meal. Some of my besties would even argue I natter a little too much. Social support is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of a psychologically and physically healthy life. Yet, for many people, maintaining friendships can be hard, especially when we become busy adults and everything else seems to get in the way. For some, catching up with friends is often the first thing to go when they are feeling busy, stressed out or depressed. I see it with workers, new parents, older parents and couples in new (or old) relationships. Many people get caught up in dealin

Procrastinators Listen Up

I HAVE been trying to write this column on procrastination for months now. I sit down at my computer, write the word Procrastination at the top of the word document, stare at it, then get busy writing a new Facebook post, an extremely witty tweet, or sometimes I just go downstairs and make myself a coffee. Whatever it is, it is something other than writing my column on Procrastination. The fact that you are reading this tells me that I eventually finished it. But why did it take me that long? Why did I keep leaving it until ‘later?’ It’s not that it is a bland topic, and plenty of us do it. In fact I have had many requests to write about it. So why have I been putting of writing about someth


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