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Prevention Is The Key

IMAGINE two pathways in front you. One pathway leads to a positive and healthy life, where you are able to engage in activities you are passionate in and you live to a ripe old age. The other pathway takes you to a life defined by a health condition. Every day you wake up, take your medication and head off for your next medical appointment. You spend your time focused on your aches and pains as well as grieving about all the activities you used to be able to do. You feel tired and don’t have the energy to spend with loved ones. Which pathway would you choose? I bet it isn’t the one crippled by illness. What a morbid start to a column I hear you say. But hey, it’s reality. The majority of us

Don't Wait For Stress To Slap You

THE signs are small at first. An increase in muscle tension, upset stomach, loss of appetite or maybe you are a little more irritable. Perhaps you find yourself losing concentration or you are drinking alcohol more than usual. You go about your business, not taking much notice of what your body is whispering to you, until one day, you get the equivalent of a big slap in the face. Perhaps it is a chest infection that lingers for months, overwhelming anxiety that stops you from wanting to see friends or for some, a nasty medical diagnosis from the doctor. Stress. It affects how you feel, how you think and how you behave. It also affects your health and pretty much, if you are not managing it w


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