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Are You A Happiness Self-Saboteur?

Are you your own worst enemy? You find the person of your dreams. They are everything you hoped for. All is going really well, and then you start picking fights and being difficult until your partner leaves you. Or maybe you found a fabulous job, a job that you have worked so hard for. But once you settle in and get into the swing of things, you do something stupid and get yourself fired. Why is it so hard for many of us to sit in ‘happy’? We are constantly striving to push ourselves to a state of fulfillment, but once we get there, we go and stuff it up. Worst of all, we don’t even realise it until later on when we look back with regret, and grieve those missed opportunities. Self-sabotagin

Celebrity Lifestyle Books (Eye Roll)

CELEBRITY lifestyle diets, programs and books annoy me. There I said it. I even roll my eyes a little bit when I hear that a celebrity is releasing one. And, it’s not because of the reason you think. There is endless debate on social media about the efficacy of some celebrity diets right now. But extreme diets have been around forever. It’s just that now social media puts the controversy surrounding them right in our faces. Forget paleo. What about the grapefruit diet, the macrobiotic diet, the soup diet and the baby food diet? They are all doing the rounds as well. What annoys me is that regardless of the new fad celebrity diet book, a whole lot of people are going to run out and buy the bo


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