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Comparing Yourself On Social Media

HAVE you scrolled through your newsfeed on Facebook lately and felt worse for it? I bet you have. And in most cases, I bet you have been more affected by those people who you perceive to be similar to you, like your mates, or even celebrities who are the same age. You don’t get too perturbed about what your family members are up to, but those photos of your friend having a fab time with her new hot partner, or the friend out on the town, well, that stuff gets to you. Millions of us on a daily basis are engaging with Facebook and making judgements about the quality of our own lives. Comparing. Comparing ourselves with other people, and lowering our self worth in the process. We don’t just do

Nothing Is Black & White

ARE you living your life in black and white terms? Are you seeing life as all or nothing? “Good” or “bad”, “young” or “old”, “intelligent” or “stupid”, “success” or “failure”, “hot” or “not”, you’re “great” at this or you “suck” at that. No in-between. No grey area. Black and white thinking is a cognitive distortion that can influence the way you feel about yourself, and in doing so can affect the mojo you have for life. Statements like “I’m a hopeless team member” or “she’s perfect” or “I’m an idiot” oversimplify life and cause you to have emotional swings that are not necessary. Thinking like this also raises the stress and anxiety levels considerably. If a situation falls short of perfect

Are You Mindful Or Is Your Mind Full?

A few months ago, on one of my usual hectic mornings to get out of the house, I attempted to heat up porridge in the microwave whilst I faffed about doing kitchen duties. I had a lot going on that day, plus a lot going on in my life at the time. I shoved the bowl in, slammed the microwave door, punched the numbers in, pressed the COOK button and then spun around to do some dishes. But seconds later, I realised that I had not punched the numbers required for cooking my porridge for the two required minutes but rather punched the PIN number of my VISA card into the microwave. I don’t know what was more scary; the thought of what my microwave would have looked like after cooking a small bowl of

Don't Let Anxiety Control Who You Are

FEELING anxious and stressed in some situations is a normal part of life as a human being. In fact, our stress response (which involves symptoms like sweating and shortage of breath) is actually a useful mechanism to get us prepared for dealing with danger. Unfortunately, in the modern age our perception of “danger” is out of whack. Anxiety is when our stress response is turned on constantly, so that we are fearful of everything we have to do on a daily basis. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But across Australia, one in four people live with this constant feeling of dread 24 hours a day. And the thing about anxiety is you can’t see it. You can clearly see if someone has a broken leg or a rash, but


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