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How To Get Happiness

PHARRELL Williams sings about it. Will Smith is in a movie about it. Philosophers debate it. Writers write about it. Advertisers tell us we will be it if we buy their products. And, yeah, we all want to be it. Happy. When we leave something in our lives, whether it is a place, a job or relationship, often we say that it is because we are not feeling ‘happy’. Ultimately, happiness is what we want. This begs the questions, what is the happiness we all seek, and how can we get it? My idea of happiness is different from your idea of happiness. I love going to work, exercising and going out for dinner with friends. In fact, sitting here writing this article makes me happy.The people I love are we

Where Is Your Willpower?

MANY people believe they could improve their lives if they had something called willpower. With more willpower we would eat more leafy greens, exercise daily, avoid drugs and alcohol, go on fabulous holidays with all the money we save and achieve all sorts of wonderful things for ourselves. Often the reason that many of us are not doing these amazing things is because of lack of willpower. We badly want things, yet, we don’t have the willpower to get them. Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations to meet long-term goals. You might have heard of some other terms for willpower including self-control, drive, determination and self-discipline. Some of us have a lot of it, some o

Negative Talk About Mental Health Is CRAZY

TRADITIONALLY, health care for us Westerners is routine. For most of us, we are pretty on to it when it comes to our physical health. We notice some symptoms, and then we look to how we can reduce them. We go to our GP when we have the flu, our physiotherapist for a torn muscle, and our dentist when we have a toothache. If our GP refers us to a specialist then we are likely to attend. Then we do what they say and for the most part, we are compliant. Some of us will also go outside of the traditional medical model and explore natural treatments. Yet we hesitate when it comes to mental health. We sit in the uncomfortableness of our symptoms for longer than we ever would a physical health probl


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