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SEVEN Ways To Get Through Your Work Day Intact

IF YOU are cringing at the thought of going to work each day, feeling overworked, or even under utilised and drained of energy, then you are not alone. In the Stress & Wellbeing in Australia Survey (2014), 44% of working people identified work as a source of stress and 48% of Australians cited ‘work demands’ as a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a massive bummer considering many of us spend most of our waking hours at work. Statistically, the chances of us winning Lotto are pretty low, so it is likely that next week will be spent at work rather than sipping mojitos on a tropical island. So if you have found that you have completely lost your work mojo, and feel you have no

NY Resolutions: Are You Doing Them Wrong?

THIS is the time of year where many of us, after scoffing down a months worth of food in two days, start to get serious about what we have planned for ourselves for 2015. The New Year is a time for us to reflect on personal changes we want or ought to be making. We wave goodbye to the mistakes, mucks-ups and hiccups of the past year and resolve not to make them again. We get excited about the year ahead as well as the new and improved us that is going to go along with it. I can almost guarantee that there is something that is buzzing around in your brain at the moment that you are planning on changing once you recover from your hangover on Thursday. The most common New Year’s resolutions ten


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